Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Koch brothers are coming after bad federal workers

Via Billy

The network of organizations funded by Charles and David Koch see the new law reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs as first step in a much larger vision they have — government-wide reform to strip away the layers of protection that often make it impossible to fire corrupt or negligent officials.

Organizations meeting here for the Seminar Network cheered the VA reform that President Trump signed into law on Friday, and say it could be the beginning of new rules for all federal workers.

"We believe the veterans reform is a blueprint for broader reform of the entire federal bureaucracy that will hold federal workers accountable to really do their jobs and take care of Americans the way they should be," said Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips.

"We're going to be seeking that in the coming years," he said.


  1. Federal employees seem to think they should be no more replaceable than the jurists of the Supreme Court. They need an attitude correction. indyjonesouthere

    1. Absolutely and it started with dumbing down the FSEE until it was abolished. Insane.