Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trump: ‘Resist’ movement has backfired on Democrats by turning off voters with ‘terrible’ message

Via Billy

President Trump said Sunday that the left’s “resist” campaign has backfired on Democrats by saddling them with a “terrible theme” that voters are rejecting.

“That’s a terrible word. Think of it. Their theme is ‘resist.’ Their theme should be, ‘Let’s get together. Envelop. Let’s get together,’” Mr. Trump said in an interview that aired Sunday on “Fox & Friends.” “But their theme is resist. It’s obstruction. And the problem is they’ve become obstructionist.”

“And the voters — I happen to like it from the standpoint of running for office, but I think it’s a terrible theme in terms of getting elected, and more importantly, I think it’s a terrible theme for the people of this country,” the Republican president said. “Resist. Obstruction. That’s not what [the people] want.”

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