Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Second Battle of Gettysburg?

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The original Battle of Gettysburg was fought back on July 1-3, 1863 both in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and was, for a number of reasons I won’t go into here (lest I end up writing a book) a Yankee/Marxist victory. After the battle Lee took his Army of Northern Virginia, battered and bruised, but not totally defeated by any means, back into Virginia, where they fought on for almost another two years. Meade, the Yankee general in command at the time, chose to not hastily pursue Lee. In fact it was awhile before he got his army going again. He seemed to be almost in shock over having won the battle, a position not shared by too many Yankee generals at the time.

The battlefield is today, and has been for decades, a major draw for tourists, historians, and many others with more than a passing interest. My family and I have been there three different times that I can recall and on some of those trips we also visited other battlefields that were not too distant. We have also visited Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, which is in the process of being turned into a shrine to honor abolitionist/terrorist John Brown.

I am told now that all the battlefields have posted information that the War of Northern Aggression was all about slavery and slavery alone. And so at national monuments history is being erased just the same as at state monuments. If this is the case, then I guess I won’t be visiting anymore “Civil War” battlefields. When I go to a historic place I go to learn and appreciate the real history, not to be propagandized with Leftist drivel.


  1. I'm sure you caught the third battle being fought soon:

    Leftists Promising to ‘Desecrate Graves’ and Protest During 154th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg


    1. Yes that was what the article was referring to. Thanks

  2. I noted on my last trip to the Gettysburg Visitor's Center the change.

  3. This ongoing effort to re-write the past to make it conform to the current politically correct dogma MUST be challenged and fought every single time it rears it's evil head. If it takes another Civil War then so be it. This is 1984. What the Left is doing is to create "the Narrative" where the "Civil War" is a cartoon where Lincoln is the hero in the white hat and the Union soldiers are the good guys. Jefferson Davis is the off stage villain in the black hat (with Generals Lee, Jackson et. al. are the stand ins) and the Southern Soldiers all the evil bad guys. The war then has the scripted Hollywood style ending where the good guys defeat the bad guys, the negro slave is freed, the holy and most sacred Union is restored. The aftermath is ignored, while we all hail President Lincoln our martyred savior of the nation! And pat ourselves on the back for being so noble for waging war to end slavery.
    -Your humble narrator then steps away from the key board briefly to engage in some projectile vomiting-
    One of the defining features of your average Leftie is that She/He/IT reject the idea that there is such a thing as objective Truth. It is to them, what sunlight or the cross is to a vampire. For them reality, facts are what ever they say it is, or feel it should be. They and they alone are the ones who have "good intentions"

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