Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thomas Sowell on 'White Privilege' and "Diversity' (NC Equity Training')


Please note: the whole notion that “people of color” are by definition “oppressed,” by their “white privilege” oppressors and are victims of a structurally unjust American society is mostly bunk. Scholar Thomas Sowell studied these issues years ago and found that there were “people of color” whose success rates exceeded those of whites. Asian-descended (India, Japan, China, etc.) Americans on average had higher incomes and higher academic performances than whites. Some oppression!

Sowell also found that among our black population, those who were the children of immigrants from the Caribbean or elsewhere had markedly higher incomes and academic performances than native-born ones. The former were never taught that they were the hopeless, despairing victims of Open Source’s evil racist society, and saw America as it is: a land of opportunity. They seized that opportunity. Good for them!

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  1. What I read recently, was the most intelligent people in the
    world they found were - four were white, one jewish, and two asian.