Monday, July 3, 2017

“It is history that teaches us to hope”


Malcolm X wrote that “History is a weapon.” He was right, and no topic encompasses this truth more than the War of Northern Aggression. And the most practical way we rebels can advance in this post-modern war being waged against the South is simply education. Sounds cliche, right?

But how can we expect anyone who doesn’t have a clue about our past, its people and their divergent ancestry, cultural practices, and faiths to grasp the complicated conflict and the confluence of events that led to it? Armed with such faulty illogic, it’s no wonder they rigidly reject intellectual inquiry, embrace myths, and push for malicious deeds.

We must barrage this real “lost cause” with facts. After all, as Robert E. Lee said, “It is history that teaches us to hope.”

We must teach ourselves true history, and then spread that message to our children, friends, and foes. “Be bold, but loving” is my mantra when taking on the tidal wave of ignorance and outright lies about “the Civil War.” We must defeat the “idiots” among the “useful idiots” who permeate our culture and wield the “useful” to our own advantage.

Let’s smash that PC lens through which the Yankee provincialists, Southern self-loathers, mainstream statists, and Marxist agitators distort the past, co-opt the present, and disseminate their vile messages in pursuit of a soulless future. We may not make headway with the most ardent of ideologues, but it never takes a majority opinion to create change.

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