Monday, July 3, 2017

Wabbit Season.........

Via Joe


The President's latest Twitter storm has the poor darlings in the media are just beside themselves. They want the public to see a nearly  decade old video of Trump in a staged production as an assault against the freedom of the press. What it actually is a confrontation  of a so called news channel that has been  caught in lie after lie after lie.

What the left is really upset about however is that Trump has broken the paradigm that said the President only communicated directly with the public at the State of the Union speech or in a standardized format of a speech to this organization or that one. The other exception bring in the case of some national emergency. Other wise the President spoke to the press and the press passed it on to the public as they chose to interpret it. In any case the press exercised a great deal of control of how and when and what information went out to the public and it never did so without their own editorial spin on it.

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