Sunday, August 27, 2017

".....all of the violence brought to Charlottesville was the fault of the Mayor and the City Council....... they had blood on their hands."


Doug Howard ·
These ANTIFA protesters just can't accept the fact they acted just like the white supremacists, wearing face masks & carrying clubs creating violence. ANTIFA is just like the KKK in using violence to get their message out. Wes Bellamy knows all about racism which the Charlottesville citizens ignore as it is well known he is a racist based on his past social tweets. Just why do they give him a pass, is it because he is Black? This council caused this violence resulting in three persons killed when they voted to remove the Lee statue. Had this action never been taken then the violence would not had taken place or would have the white supremacists come to Charlottesville. This Council led by Wes Bellamy's efforts to remove the statues does have "Blood On Their Hands." After viewing the video of the Council Meeting, it is apparent that ANTIFA is strong in the community as these uneducated citizens acted like a bunch of idiots. No morals present or would they listen to any reason, this council has created this zoo and these liberal animals with it.

This report will not be about the details of what is currently going on in Virginia. Most of what can be said about this has been said. I have talked to the press from Canada to Great Britain. I have been interviewed by every left wing newspaper, TV network, and radio station from here to the Mississippi. Travis Toombs, Fred Chiesa and others have done a great job of getting this word out to you, the members of the Virginia Division and even the outside world.

There is only one thing further I wish to say about Charlottesville. On the evening of August 21st, a council meeting was held in that city. Even with looking at the news and reading about it, it was difficult to determined the pro or con of those in attendance. It turned into a free-for-all with the Mayor and Council retreating to a back room. Judging by quotes and signs, it was apparent that all parties agreed on one thing.......that all of the violence brought to Charlottesville was the fault of the Mayor and the City Council. It was evident that this was a self inflected wound by signs telling the council that they had blood on their hands.

There have been questions as to whether or not the Virginia Division is holding a rally. The answer is yes we are. Hopefully it will be the largest rally we have ever held in Virginia. The date will be November 7, 2017. It will last all day and into the evening. It will be held at locations all over the State. These locations are called Polling one will be more than a mile or two from one of these rally points. You have no excuse not to be there.

It doesn't matter what you have or haven't done for the cause before. This is your chance to stand up and be counted. Don't just say "somebody should do something", BE that somebody. Speaking for the Virginia Division SCV, I am not permitted to tell you how to vote. You must figure that out on your own. We can tell you that the candidates from one party have already stated that the Monuments WILL COME DOWN. They can't wait to get into office to make this happen. The other party's candidates have stated that they WILL NOT SEEK to take down the monuments or rewrite Virginia history.

This is a major turning point for our State and the Country. If you have never voted before, vote this time. If you are not registered, get registered! If for any reason like minded neighbors can not get to the polls, drive them there yourself. Get every sane, rational, member of your family to vote. This is your chance to stop asking about what is being done about the monuments and do something yourself. If we lose this election, steps will be taken the very next day to remove all our monuments. (ie: repeal the monument protection act)

These monuments, along with the graves of our sacred dead, are the last vestiges we still have of our Heritage. It is not enough to just vote. We must tell others to register and vote. We need 10 even 20 thousand votes. We can do it! We must over come the carpet bagger votes from Northern Virginia. Sad to say, Northern Virginia has become nothing but a puddle of ooze overflowing from the Swamp that is Washington, D.C.

It is up to you now. You must come to this November 7th rally. You must bring everyone you can. With victory on November 8th, we can all sing "Carry me back to Old Virginia."

We have a chance to save the Virginia that our ancestors fought and died for. We must not fail them.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

God Save the Commonwealth

Virginia...The Old Dominion...where Liberty and Independence were born!

B Frank Earnest
Heritage Defense Coordinator
Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

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