Sunday, August 27, 2017

Comment on The White Right Rises

Comment by Badger on The White Right Rises
 List of active nationalist parties in Europe
 As an accused white racist, I accept that title with honor. I am a White racist because I opposed Obama’s socialist, Marxist, and America destroying policies. I am a White racist because I oppose the destruction and demonization of Western Civilization. And by such definitions, I am a White racist. And damn proud to be one.

I am tired of hearing, that because I am White, I must be a racist and now a NAZI. For the last 50-years, Democrats have worked diligently to create identity politics. That is identity for every group, except White Americans.

Many I talk to, feel as I do. They are tired of being called racist and NAZI, because they oppose the Marxist left trying to destroy America. I see many beginning to identify themselves as White. Something that until Democrats pushed the labels racist and NAZI on them, something they never had considered before. They were Americans, and for the vast majority, did not see color. But as Democrats pushed every group to have pride. While at the same time labeling ALL Whites as racists and NAZIs.

Many that never considered color, are now beginning to experience a White awakening. Especially as they watch Europe being flooded with nonwhite “refugees.” They see Europe being transformed and Western Civilization being destroyed, in real time. There is a growing White awakening in Europe, just as here. The question is will this growing movement come in time?

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