Sunday, August 27, 2017

Warren Condemns Left-Wing Violence: ‘Violence Is Not the Way to Go’

Via Billy

Miracles never cease.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) condemned violence by extremist left-wing groups like the Antifa movement during a local news interview Wednesday.

Warren spoke to WBSM, a New Bedford, Mass-based station, after holding a town hall at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. About five minutes into the interview, WBSM host Tim Dunn brought up the presence of violent left-wing protesters in Charlottesville, Va., and asked Warren to explicitly condemn left-wing violence.

"Absent the presence of white nationalists, left-wing protesters threw bottles of urine and rocks at police officers. The same occurred last night at the president's rally. Are you prepared to condemn violence on that part of the left-wing agitators, such as Antifa, as you have the right-wing nationalist group?" Dunn asked.

"Violence is not the way to go. Violence is not the way to advance our interests," Warren responded.


  1. Dizzy Lizzie. When I lived in Massachusetts I was embarrassed that she was my Senator. Now that I live in NC I'm embarrassed she's anyone's Senator. She'll be a Senator for life if she so chooses. Her focus is self promotion and she's good at it. She is an uber-liberal and so is her base. She will be a pimple on the ass of progress for a long time.