Sunday, August 6, 2017

CNN: Mueller's investigation of Trump is going too far

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Mueller launches grand jury in Russia investigation - report

Last month, when President Donald Trump was asked by The New York Times if special counsel Robert Mueller would be crossing a line if he started investigating the finances of Trump and his family, the President said, "I think that's a violation. Look, this is about Russia."

The President is absolutely correct. Mueller has come up to a red line in the Russia 2016 election-meddling investigation that he is dangerously close to crossing.
According to a CNN article, Mueller's investigators could be looking into financial records relating to the Trump Organization that are unrelated to the 2016 election. According to these reports, "sources described an investigation that has widened to focus on possible financial crimes, some unconnected to the 2016 election." The piece goes on to cite law enforcement sources who say non-Russia-related leads that "involve Trump associates" are being referred to the special counsel "to encourage subjects of the investigation to cooperate."
This information is deeply concerning to me. It does not take a lawyer or even a former federal prosecutor like myself to conclude that investigating Donald Trump's finances or his family's finances falls completely outside of the realm of his 2016 campaign and allegations that the campaign coordinated with the Russian government or anyone else. That goes beyond the scope of the appointment of the special counsel.
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  1. I am baffled how this investigation can happen to a Republican President when the Republican Party controls both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the Department of Justice. It's as if the 2016 election never happened. Nor do I understand how our Senator, Thom Tillis, would propose a bill to provide cover for Robert Mueller. Do we have a RINO Senator? I do understand, however, that the Democrats are laughing their asses off.

    1. Thanks and a RINO he is. He needs to be drained also.