Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dems roll out big gun to protect top suspect in hacking scandal

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Imran Awan pictured alongside former President Bill Clinton (Photo: LinkedIn)
A relative of the Awan brothers’ stepmother, Samina Galani, told the Daily Caller in March that she has spoken out against the Awans because, “I am fighting to protect the country. These are very bad people.”


 Despite having declared bankruptcy, the top suspect in the Democrat’s House hacking scandal, Imran Awan, has somehow acquired the services of one of the top power attorneys in Washington.

And not just any power attorney, but one deeply connected to the Clintons.

According to the biography of Chris Gowen on the website of the law firm of Gowen, Rhoades, Winograd & Silva, PLLC, he has:

    Worked in the White House for former President Bill Clinton (for five years) as a traveling aid (sic) on national and international trips

    Worked for Senator Hillary Clinton

    Worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign by directing advance operations

    And was a fact checker for President Clinton’s memoir, “My Life”

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