Sunday, August 6, 2017

When the minimum wage increases, Black teens are fired

Via Billy

It is no surprise that Black teens, 16- to 19-years old, are disproportionately unemployed. At the Great Recession’s bottom, African-American teens had an unemployment rate of nearly 50 percent while the rate for all teens was 27.1 percent. In the weak post-Recession, many teens compete for jobs against down-sized adults with college degrees.

And economists William Even from Miami University and David Macpherson from Trinity University report that when a state, or the federal government, increases the minimum wage, Black teens are more likely to be laid off. The duo analyzed 600,000 data points, which the Employment Policies Institute says included “a robust sample of minority young adults unprecedented in previous studies on the minimum wage.”

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  1. When Trump states statistics like that, he's called a racist.

    Increasing the minimum wage is still better than flooding the US with immigrants. If the US didn't flood in millions per year, wages would rise.

    But we can't have that. Americans must become "competitive" with the rest of the world: Translation: We must be made to live in extreme poverty.

    We're being enslaved by immigration, among other things. The minimum wage if anything makes that immigration more difficult.

    1. If the US didn't flood in millions per year, wages would rise.

      Hadn't thought of that.

  2. The fed gov has been working against this country for a long
    time. They're the ones who shut down the plants in Detroit
    and destroyed the economy, jobs and in the end, a whole city.
    I call this treason and the immigration debauchery going on
    today is also treason. Plotting against ones country. Or,
    is it their country!

  3. SPLC on the death sentence is probably null and void - just
    let the vermin live. Brock, remember when you have said
    several times that it is cheaper to let the vermin live
    then execute them? Will not this time. This was probably
    a freebie execution. I am impressed:

    1. Thanks,but Death By 1,000 Cuts would have been more appropriate. :)