Saturday, August 26, 2017

"ISIS would be proud" PJW

Via Iver

Vandals today beheaded the statue of Revolutionary War hero Colonel William Crawford that stands outside the Crawford County Courthouse in Ohio.


This attack comes after Alt-Left protesters have vandalized and destroyed statues around the country.


  1. A-Mobs" are going to be arrested or dead. The Silent Majority are not buying their bullshit, we are mad as hell & are preparing for the staged false flags they are planning. There is no actual "Racism" in this country but these useful Idiots will be purged with "Prejudice" and we are coming after their sponsors.... Enough is enough...


  2. These idiots know not what they do. Almost all of these terrorist have zero knowledge of history, which monument is which, and most certainly do not know the definition of fascism, etc. The people doing the protesting and desecrating are only "useful idiots" for their master's design. It is as Eaglefeather said and there will be cleansing in this country of this antifa trash. They have made their bed. Now, let them lay in it.

    1. The general goal seems to be to erase all history.

      The secular ideal would seem to be a society that names all of its streets and cities by a sector and number: Everything "rational" and without meaning.

      What's also acceptable currently is to name things after those heroes who worked towards such an end.

      And similarly, the movement is just anti-Western Civilisation: Anything "American" is offensive. Since no one and nothing is perfect, then everything can be labeled offensive.

    2. Anti-Western Civilization

      Hey that would be a hit as a university course! :)