Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Moore for Senate Drain the Swamp: McConnell's Slime Machine

Via Billy


  1. My kind of guy!!!! indyjonesouthere

    1. McConnell will have a heart attack if he wins! :)

  2. You can mark it down that Sen. Luther Strange (Sessions substitute) will get his ass spanked in the special called election next week by Patriot and Judge Roy Moore (West Point graduate, Viet Nam Combat Vet, and a brave man who defied federal judge and Supreme Court orders by refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from Alabama courtrooms and by ordering Alabama Probate Jucges not to marry sodomites. He will soundly defeat Strange mainly because of his alliance with McConell. Mealy-mouth Mo Brooks (U.S. representative 5th district) who has fed at the .gov trough way too long,will get be beaten because of his "kiss your sister" record and attack ads. Still, the politicuans don't get that people are tired of the mudslinging, Washington business as usual politics, and RHINOS being consummate liars and more deplorable than democrats (i.e. McConnell, Graham, Ryan, etc.). I can't wait for Alabamians to strike another blow against the D.C. establishment.