Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Television series may illustrate modern day fear of secession as a real political choice in America



Conservative talk radio, including the Mega Rushie (Rush Limbaugh) and the Laura Ingraham show have given some air time to a discussion of a possible HBO television series in the making, “Confederate.”

The reported theme of the show is that the South won the War for Southern Independence (called the Civil War by Yankees) and divided the nation.  We are told that in this show slavery still exists in the South.

So what’s the point of a show like this?

Well, at first glance it’s an attack on the modern South, and on many Americans who honor Southern heritage.  It could be seen as part of the assault on Southern Culture and American history as is being conducted through the removal of statues and memorials to Southern heros like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought for the South against the Yankee invasion.

It could be seen as a continuation of the “Obama apology tour,” highlighting negative aspects of American history like slavery.  Ofcourse, we won’t see anything about the massacre of 60 million innocent unborn through abortion on this series or any other.

But, I think there may be a larger political objective behind this series, than an attack on American history or a region of the nation.

America is a divided nation.

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