Sunday, August 20, 2017

Texas towns proud of their Confederate monuments

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 Memorial in honor of United Confederate Veterans stands on the lawn of the Comanche County Courthouse in Comanche, Texas.

Ray Williams keeps a Confederate battle flag in his storefront window and has another hanging from a back wall at his boot shop on the Comanche town square, a dusty block of antique stores, a law office and an insurance agency.

And he has a clear view across the street, where a stone monument on the county courthouse lawn honors Confederate soldiers in this town of about 4,500 about two hours southwest of Fort Worth.

“These brave men” the engraving reads, “suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all and facing death carried the banners of the Confederacy.”

“I’m from the South and proud to be from the South,” Williams said. “I don’t hate people of color at all … The big cities, they’re trying to make it about something else.”

More with videos @ Star-Telegram

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