Friday, September 1, 2017

NC Monuments: Durham County Commissioners want "Absolute Anarchy"


The Durham County Board of Commissioners have proven to be irresponsible wardens of the public's trust to govern. As reported in the News & Observer, several members of the Board of Commissioners have voiced objections to the felony charges against the criminals responsible for damaging public property, and have potentially used this as political maneuver to withhold needed funding from the Durham County Sheriff's Department.

The recent debates about Confederate monuments in public places have stirred heated emotions from both sides, and Grass Roots North Carolina supports the vigorous exercise of free speech: speech that is protected by the first amendment. But to have politicians (the same ones that would, without blinking, abrogate your second amendment rights were it not for state preemption of local firearms laws) so wantonly disregard the rule of law and due process is breathtaking.

The idea of equal treatment under the law is codified in the 14th Amendment, and we believe strongly that Durham County's commissioners should think long and hard about this before undermining both the County's elected Sheriff, and the law and order of Durham County. In the words of Durham's Sheriffs department Major Paul Martin: "Political leanings must not constitute the elements of a crime. Murder is murder and vandalism is vandalism." We wholeheartedly agree, Major Marin, and we support the Durham County Sheriff's Office in its mission to ensure the fair and equitable enforcement of the law.

As for the Durham County Board of Commissioners: we will make sure that the voters are reminded of their two-faced favoritism of felons in the next election.

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  1. What else would anyone expect from the blue gummers in Durham? Durham is a sh@# hole.