Tuesday, October 10, 2017

PATCON, Tarboro and Dixieland

 Off the back porch of Dixieland

 The Field Hand graveyard

Friends trying to match one of my colors to use for their renovation.  The community college has classes for hands-on historical restoration.  Rare.

 A sweetie pie, one of the waitresses at the Classic Diner.

 Below, some PATCON pictures.

One of Cora's daughters on the right.  Cora is the great, great granddaughter of the Master Servant of my great, great grandfather. Both are buried here.

 A few shots of the Tar River.


  1. Brock, thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures - another
    time comes to mind. Hope ya'll discussed immigrant invaders
    during your discussions.
    Just read about this sub-human disgrace:
    I guess the criminal is not going back to his roots.

  2. Terrific pics cousin, always a pleasure to see Dixieland and Tarboro! I still plan a major article (or two) regarding my trip. You're a true gentleman and scholar- God bless you. Dale V. Pippin aka southsasksoutherner

    1. Thank you, Sir and see you in the spring! :) I hope.