Wednesday, January 17, 2018

NC Rep. Robert Pittenger: Trump's a diamond -- with many rough edges. There's nothing fake about him

Via Billy

Rep. Pittenger: Reagan can Inform Trump Era

While political elites resoundingly condemn President Trump for his reported comment on “s---hole countries,” let’s pause to take a careful look at context and truth.

In 2016, I visited Congo-Brazzaville on a Congressional Delegation seeking assistance on efforts to block terrorism financing. We met with President Denis Sassou Nguesso at his palatial estate, where he greeted us dressed immaculately in his Armani suit and alligator shoes. The contrast was repugnant to me as I considered his impoverished country that has been exploited and abused by this despot for decades.

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  1. Yeah, there is nothing fake about Trump.
    Especially his signature, which will ink the
    amnesty for illegals bill (soon to be passed by the House and Senate) into law.

  2. I disagree.
    It appears the Deep State jeweler, Mr. Kelly, has been smoothing and polishing the Donald diamond.
    ."he has changed....evolutionary process...not fully informed..."
    MAGA! Truuuump! Drain the swamp, lock her up, bigly, etc.
    Another example of who runs the show.

    1. I was disappointed when I saw that yesterday and as I've mentioned before, I believe Trump will do whatever he thinks he can and still win in 2020.