Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Goodies From Ol' Remus

1948. Berlin Germany

art-remus-ident-04.jpg A Berlin flak tower is blown up. Berlin had three. Only the "Zoo" tower was completely destroyed, on the third try, using 35 tons of dynamite and months of prepping. That was the Brits. American combat engineers would have kept dumping dynamite into it until it couldn't hold any more, then bang, zoom, to the moon. Anyway, the rubble was crushed and used to pave roads. This doesn't appear to be the Zoo tower. Anyone have a flaktürmeologist on retainer


  Slow drip, Anonymous Conservative - My guess is Trump is gaming to destroy the entire Deep State, and to do that he will ultimately let loose with the big reveal that blows everyone’s minds. I just don’t see his personality, or how far things have gone, pointing to a peaceful resolution. I am also not sure at this point he could ever just leave office and return to the business world, without the forces that are out there now hunting him and his family until their dying days. Until the big reveal, we will have the drip, drip, drip of a slow burn that will make everyone take their sides in preparation for what is coming.

  Kansas City Star - Man shielding family from gunman complied with cops, witnesses say, but was still shot ... dropped his handgun, raised his hands, an officer with a rifle shot him in the hip, then he was handcuffed

  History Net - The M14 Rifle ... served as the standard infantry rifle for only seven years

  The swamp, American Thinker - Why are so many of the people who have risen to the top of our government institutions, those who become the leaders or directors of our alphabet agencies, so imperious, so devious, so malevolent, so lacking in character and so disdainful of the American people? How is it that people of good character no longer want to work for the government or run for elective office? The answer: because it is not just a swamp, it is a toxic, venomous morass of self-serving lowlifes. Consider the people we have come to know a bit about ...

Abnormalized, Front Page - Abnormalization depends on a very specific form of bias which assumes that since President Trump is abnormal, everything he does is also abnormal. It’s the social media disease of a progressive media echo chamber which is ignorant of history, but carefully cogent of ideology. Its members, drawn from the exotic diversity of a handful of Ivy League schools and suburban bedroom communities, are vague on any subjects outside their cultural purview. And they’ve been politically trained in those schools to reframe anything and everything as racist, sexist or homophobic at the crack of an ideological whip.
art-remus-ident-04.jpg It ain't Trump they despise so much as the Deplorables they believe he represents.

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