Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Douglas Skyraider

Via Quan Nguyen Thanh
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Mark your calendars for 19-20 May!

To many history buffs the Douglas Skyraider is synonymous with the Vietnam War. When South Vietnam fell in April 1975, a mass exodus ensued with pilots looking for any available aircraft to escape the approaching Communists. While many are familiar with the footage of overcrowded carrier decks and helicopters being pushed over the side, less familiar is the story of Thailand being choked with fleeing aircraft.

During the "Warbirds Over Addison" weekend of 19-20 May 2018, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum is pleased to have retired USAF pilot Roger Youngblood as Saturday's guest speaker; Youngblood was one of two pilots tasked to hide escaping South Vietnamese Skyraiders in Thailand. Cavanaugh's AD-6 (A-1H) Skyraider, tail number 139606, was one of four to have been hidden away. Youngblood actually evacuated aircraft '606; his flight is considered the last ever of a Skyraider on official orders. Please join us as he shares his recollection of this chaotic moment in history. 

CFM is also excited to announce that '606 will be returning from a fresh repaint to her authentic USAF colors. This project celebrates the 50th anniversary of her arrival in Vietnam with the 6th Special Operations Squadron in Spring 1968 - come out to see her in her new clothes!

Plans include a number of flight displays, food, and, of course, a display of the amazing collection of aircraft, vehicles, and artwork the Museum is known for.

Weather and maintenance permitting, rides will also be available for purchase in a variety of aircraft such as AD-5 (A-1E) Skyraider (5 open seats), P-51 Mustang, FG-1D Corsair, T-6, Stearman, B-25H Mitchell, OH-13D Sioux, and O-2 Skymaster.

For contact/location, details on this event, or info on the ride program, visit the Museum website: cavflight.org

Note: The attached snapshot was taken by Roger from the cockpit of '606 during this historic flight. Aircraft 135332, seen here and now stored with the Smithsonian, was piloted by Jack Drummond.
Caption by Ken Holston.


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