Sunday, February 4, 2018

President Trump has boxed in the left beautifully.

Via Wes


If you have any worry that President Trump is selling out his base, relax. Notice that Tom Cotton and Sonny Perdue are running point on this negotiation.


1. Notice the timing of this out-of-the-blue offer by President Trump. Caught the left by surprise, while Schumer and company were still licking their wounds. Classic negotiation tactic, save your opponent before they slit their own throat and they will thank you.

2. While 800K is the number of DACA ‘kids’ we have been discussing, 1.8 million is the actual number who are eligible in this classification. By using the higher number, President Trump appears conciliatory and magnanimous, offering the left a way to save face. Brilliant strategy. Don’t beat your opponent so badly they cannot sign the contract.

3. We ALL know the entire 1.8 million will not register, they never do.
AND they will not be eligible to vote.
AND they have to come out of the shadow to be completely documented.
AND they have to live an extraordinary CLEAN life, no crime, for 10-12 years, otherwise – deported and IN-eligible.

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  1. Oh absolutely! Right up until and Obama-appointed judge like that self-righteous prig Robards out west, or that effeminate, prissy little twit Watson out in Hawaii jump in after the law is signed and say, "I don't think so." and federally mandate that they MUST be granted citizenship.
    Then the hordes will pour across the border and we'll be powerless to do anything about it. By the time an appeal goes to the Supreme Court, it will be too late. Open Civil War is almost here.