Friday, March 2, 2018

Bump Stock Your Glock with the Fast Fire Device on Indiegogo

Weapons developer Colin Despins has been working on a very clever and potentially very hot-button project, building a bump-stock for pistols. It’s more of a bump trigger housing by the looks of it, and it’s for sale for $299.

“Over the past two years I have been involved in developing a device of my own,” explains Despins.

“A device that will deliver (legal) full-auto-like joy to the freedom-loving masses.”

“I hope you have enjoyed our brief video demonstration, which illustrates just a fraction of what the device is capable of. Whats special about it?”

More @ Guns America


  1. Like the Phoenix, when one falls another arises out of the ashes.

    You better download the YouTube video, Brock because as soon as the Liberal censors figure it out it'll be vanished.

    1. You better download the YouTube video, Brock because as soon as the Liberal censors figure it out it'll be vanished.


  2. Bump stocks: Just my opinion. Stupidest idea ever. Quite honestly, I do not care if they are banned or not. The only thing they are good for is wasting ammunition. In order to function you must loosely hold the rifle. You have the rifle rocking back and forth will little control. All you can do is “spray and pray,” you hit something. I don’t need to burn a 30 round clip in 2 seconds. And if lucky put 3 rounds on target. I’d much rather aim and put all 30 in the center. They honestly serve no function other that wasting a lot of good ammunition. If you want to shoot a machine gun. Then go to one of the many of shooting ranges, around the country, that rent REAL machine guns.

    Look at the climb on the pistol. Sure, he can hit the target with the first round, but the rest are going high. That serves zero function. Okay, he can empty the clip in one second, but can’t hit the target.


    1. hit the target with the first round

      I noticed that he aimed low both times to compensate.

  3. Everybody knows that Hitler and all of the nahtzees used bump-fire stocks. Seriously, that looks like an excellent method for a "mag-dump" only. I have fired a Glock 18c (full auto version) and it was more accurate than I thought. I had stoppage issues due to the way I was holding it, but once I corrected, it ran fine and was more accurate than I would have imagined.

  4. Hooyah! The Bump stocks are going to be banned soon and due to the gunman's death, they can rest easy now. May those 58 victims rest in peace.