Sunday, April 22, 2018

At the Mound Today


We attended the Memorial service today held at the Confederate mound at Oakwood cemetery in Chicago.

The experience was humbling and enlightening. There were people in attendance from several states with relatives interned at the mound. While there was a protest staged at the entrance, we at the Mound  never would have known. While some of Chicago’s finest were present, the respect they displayed during the prayer for the fallen was telling of the feeling that is invoked when at the Mound.

All who came displayed a true compassion for the reality of what the memorial represents. I truly feel sorry for those who call for it’s removal, for those that do not respect death can’t respect life.

WGN stopped me at the end as we were departing and asked if the could interview me about the event. A link to that is below. I have also included links to the other stories that came out of today's gathering.

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  1. Greg: Thanks a lot for the flag and I shall put it to good use!