Friday, May 4, 2018

Comment on "Springfield Armory Severs Ties with Dick’s Sportin...

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I’m sure many are like me, tired of just watching as our rights are stripped. I’ve begun writing letters to gun manufacturers and also ammunition manufacturers. I am requesting they sever all business with Dick’s also with Field and Stream. I was going to email, but most companies now have it almost impossible to just email them. I bought a box of envelopes, 100 stamps and am mailing physical letters. I’m guessing they carry more impact anyway. I will put a copy of the letter I am sending. Feel free to use it as is, or any part of it.


As a gun owner and sportsman, I am appalled at “Dick’s Sporting Goods” hiring of Pro-Gun Control lobbyists to further restrict our Second Amendment Rights. As a manufacturer, I hope you will also help us sportsmen defend our liberty. In that regard, I urge you to consider severing ties with “Dick’s Sporting Goods” and their affiliate “Field and Stream.” I do understand business needs. However, I think the support you would receive from the sporting community would far exceed any minor loss from not selling to Dick’s or Field and Stream. Thank you, for your consideration in this issue.




  1. Good.

    It is my hope that "Dick's" will shortly go out of business, due to lack of sales.