Friday, May 4, 2018

FBI Loading Up with Hornady Critical Duty and Custom Federal Ammo


Hornady Manufacturing and Federal Premium Ammunition are pleased to announce that the FBI awarded both companies with contracts for duty and training ammo. The contracts will run for up to the next five years.

They are Infinite Delivery/Infinite Quantity contracts and reflect well on both companies. The Federal Premium contract is worth up to $19 million and the Hornady as much as $35 million.

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  1. In the same vein...

    Springfield Armory is severing ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring a group for anti-Second Amendment lobbying.


    1. Saw that today on an Springfield Armory email. I won 2 of their weapons a XD40 and an XDS40. They're both great weapons combined with Hornady hollow-points. The XDS is a great conceal carry size and with the extended magazine it fits my big paw just fine..

    2. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    3. I won 2 of their weapons a XD40 and an XDS40.

      How did you manage that? :)