Friday, May 4, 2018

Last Man Standing – The Lone German Soldier Who Held Off A Whole Wave Of Russian Infantry and Tanks

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Part of Hitler’s appeal to the German people was his ability to flatter them. According to him, Germans were Ubermensch (superhuman) and therefore had the right to dominate and eliminate others. Believing him, people strove to prove him right; with some spectacular results.

Among them was Fritz Christen who was born on June 29, 1921, in Wredenhagen, Germany. Due to the hardships that followed Germany’s loss in WWI and the effects of the Great Depression, his family suffered.

Things began to change in 1933 when the National Socialist German Workers’ Party achieved power.

In time, they shortened their name to National Socialism. Everyone else called them “Nazis” as Germans pronounce “national” as NAH-tsee-yo-NAL.

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