Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Defending the Monuments & Silent Sam

After the Charleston shooting in 2015, all across the old Confederacy memorials, monuments, flags and other symbols of the South’s Confederate history came under renewed and severe assault. It seemed that the last vestiges of that heritage might be swept away in a paroxysm of politically-driven outrage and media-hyped efforts to purge the landscape of those symbols.

In many ways North Carolina became ground zero for these efforts.  But the Tar Heel State also witnessed a pushback from defenders of the state’s heritage who organized successfully and were able, for the moment at least, to fend off the worst of those attacks. Most significantly, working with a conservative and Republican General Assembly, the state’s Sons of Confederate Veterans division, was able to secure passage of one of the nation’s strongest Monuments Protection Laws [NC General Statute 100-2.1].


  1. Brock. Just to let you know that my commenting will soon end. I was told yesterday that I have end stage lung cancer, and IF I can take the medication have one year or less. If not I have a lot less. Keep up the good fight brother. Don't let our flag fall.--Ray

    1. Sir, I am obviously sad to hear this. I assume it's Stage 4 and if so my friend and helper up the street by the name of Gatha has had it for 5 years. He just went for his checkup and the doctor said he doesn't understand why he is still here. Gatha just says he continues to do what he did before, nothing more, nothing less and I wish you the same luck. I don't know your family situation but I would be honored if you would come visit for a good stay.

  2. Ray, I, for one, am very saddened by your diagnosis. My
    mom died from small-cell lung CA in 2001.
    I read awhile back about Cuba having a lung CA vaccine, Cuba
    being one of the healthiest countries in the world; the US,
    the worst. The vaccine in Cuba costs a dollar.
    Some info on the vaccine:
    Also, a vaccine called Racotumomab.

    I always enjoy your comments as they get right to the root of
    the problem.

    1. they get right to the root of the problem.

      Certainly does.