Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Saigon in 1968

Pedestrians dodging traffic on colorful streets, squatting vendors tending baskets stuffed with fresh fruits and sunlight splashing lethargic afternoons along the vier – these photos from 1968 contain many of the scenes that contribute to modern-day Saigon's unique character.

But for all the similarities, the shots from American photographer John F. Cordova reveal some of the ways life has changed here. Large, western steel-frame cars stand-in for today's sleeker Asian models; the subdued, conservative fashion come from a time before ubiquitous branding; and the bright sky peaking above the wharf is delightfully devoid of smog. The city was no less bustling than it is today, but the soft colors cast a placid sheen over the commotion.

Check out the photos below to witness the city's intrinsic and time-tested personality:

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