Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Only Thing Preventing Us From Descending Into Civil War: "They had convictions, and they died for them."

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We’re told that “division” and “partisanship” and “bigotry” are destroying America. “Hate" is the cancer in our cultural bloodstream, they say. We must fight against hate speech and hate crimes and hate in every other form. There is so much hate, allegedly. Some people are even worried that another civil war might be on the horizon.

I think we flatter ourselves. There will be no civil war. We’re far too lazy for such an onerous pursuit. It’s easier to snipe at each other in the comments section or shoot off insults on social media. We much prefer a tweet war to an actual war because tweet wars don’t interrupt a Netflix binge.

During the real Civil War, men marched over mountains in bare feet in the winter. They lived on salt pork and black coffee made from acorns. They charged headlong into cannon fire. They used whiskey as an anesthetic while they had their limbs amputated. They had convictions, and they died for them.
We do not have that kind of conviction.

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  1. We'll see if they come for the guns. But it won't look like the 1860s, it will look like the 1990s. In Yugoslavia.

    1. They would have to be insane to actually go house to house.

  2. Want to see what convictions look like. Tell the Left to keep it up. They almost got their war at the Brady Ranch in Nevada. As for convictions, the Left will fight to the last idiot, their leaders will cash in their Swiss bank accounts and head for France.

    1. They almost got their war at the Brady Ranch in Nevada.