Sunday, June 10, 2018

America’s ‘Secret War’ in Laos finally put to proper rest

Via David

During the Vietnam War the air base at Long Tieng was a hub of Air America, Air commando, and Raven forward air control operations. 

It has been more than four decades but the White House has finally opened its doors to the Hmong tribal guerrillas who fought communist forces to a standstill in the mountains of northeast Laos in what became known as the “Secret War.”

But in an illustration of the passing years and the loss of collective memory, last month’s historic meeting between President Donald Trump’s advisers and Hmong and Lao combat veterans barely rated a mention in the mainstream US media – or anywhere else for that matter.


  1. The B-52's part in Vietnam:
    I saw a B-52 at an air museum; these planes are enormous.
    Hard to believe they landed at Diego Garcia. Hmmmm