Friday, June 15, 2018

Think of the FBI as the Deepwater Horizon, Because that’s what it is

Via Billy

There really is no mystery here… – Mark Levin was going off on Fox News last night, railing as only he can do in disbelief about the reality that the “greatest threat to our democracy in 2016 was not any foreign country…it was our own government,” which is absolutely true, and that “I can’t believe we don’t have a special counsel…or a blue ribbon commission investigating our own government.”

Well, think about why that’s the case – this is very, very important.  If we had an overwhelming clamor from the members of either political party in congress to appoint a SC or commission in perform a real investigation of what actually happened at the highest levels of the Obama Administration during our last national election, we’d have one by now.  By the same token, if we had a clamor in our fake national news media for the creation of such an investigative entity, we would have had one long ago.

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  1. I think the only solution to government employees going off the rails is to limit them to 10 years maximum service at which time they are kicked off the government teat and have to look for another way to make a living. Without limiting their time in government we wind up with out of control political animals that use government institutions like deadly weapons against the people.

    1. Agreed and the President a single 6 year term as in the Confederate constitution.