Thursday, July 19, 2018

Defense Files Motion Of Misconduct Against D.A. In Case Of Jessica Chambers

Via Greg


  1. Not surprising in the least. Anyone slightly awake today knows the concept of Justice, is a joke. On television for everyone to see, every day. Example after example of Prosecutorial Misconduct. Look at the Cliven Bundy fiasco. Eventually a judge dismissed all charges “WITH PREJUDICE.” Which means the prosecutors violated the law so many times and in such grave instances, the charges can NEVER be filed again. Daily we see the farce investigation of President Trump. We see a person held in solitary confinement without access to his lawyer. And why? The prosecutor hopes to break him to turn on the President.

    We also see open committed crimes going unpunished. Crime after crime of those with the “Connections” and law is ignored. There are too many examples we have seen witnesses perjure themselves on new programs, with no consequences. There will come a tipping point. There always is. When the population tired of the corruption, make a change.


    1. No possible reconciliation between the sides which means but one thing.