Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Re-Purposing of a Historic Roman Catholic church

Via Cousin Dale


I've had the pleasure to serve the Saskatchewan public in various aspects for most of my life. I've always taken pride in whatever I did for work and been fiercely loyal to those I've served as customers. I've worked a variety of fast paced and demanding service environments, and overseen the busiest and best of service in jobs where many would fail. I've spent time working in both Saskatoon and Regina....all while visiting/stopping in at many of Saskatchewan's small towns.

I'm from a small rural community, and am still very much a believer in small town investment and development. I'm from two very contributory pioneering families, so my interest in small town growth or development is quite literally in my blood. Through advocacy I realized a few years ago that I had a sincere love for my lineage and heritage, and that a love of history was a key element in every aspect of my life. I've always had a want to look at historic items in an effort to better understand how those who came before me did things; and had a curiosity about the history of items that I came across.

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