Friday, August 31, 2018

The Big Blue Immigration Wave: Crashing Short of Democrat Victory in 2018?


On August 25, Rasmussen Reports released a new poll showing that the generic Congressional preference ballot for likely voters in November was dead even with Democrats and Republicans tying 44 to 44 percent with 8 percent undecided and 3 percent preferring other parties. A week ago the Democrats held a 48 to 41 percent lead on the generic ballot. Moreover, the President’s approval rating is not suffering despite the mainstream media’s constant barrage of dishonest attacks against him.

The immigration wave is the only hope the Democrats have for the November 2018 election and the foreseeable future. They have gone so radically far off the social, economic, cultural, national security, public safety, and foreign policy track that their primary strategic plan has become the importation of huge waves of poorly informed voters who will buy into their disinformation demagoguery long enough to make the U.S. a one party Marxist dictatorship.

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  1. Failure to maintain airspeed on final.
    Inattention to instrument scan during approach.
    Incorrect response to variable wind conditions on the field.
    Inaccurate read back of controller's instructions.
    Failure to respond to instrument warning.


    1. Was your comment meant for this post? or it's over my head! :)

  2. Sorry. Yes. The analogy to poor airmanship, crashing short, and politics is a touch esoteric.

  3. If the November elections go as bad for Democrats as I think they might. I fully expect the left to go violent before the end of the year. Right now they have self-deluded themselves into believing come January they will own the House and Senate. And from there just a simple hop, skip, and jump to impeaching President Trump.

    With President Trump gone, they expect to be driving government again. Because outside of President Trump, all of the RINOs will just nod and agree to anything. However, when they do not take control of Congress. In fact they may actually lose seats, democrats and the left will be unhinged.

    Look since even before President Trump was elected, the left was ramping up violence. The violent attacks on conservative speakers. The dozens of murders of police officers by groups supported by Democrats. Maybe I’ve missed one, but every school shooter and all mass shooters are leftists. The left is deranged and only maintaining control over salivating the President Trump impeachment. When they see that slip away on November 7, all control will be lost.