Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Reckoning: The $PLC is Facing More than 60 Defamation Lawsuits

Via Bill
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Not long ago, Muslim reformer Ayaan Hirsi Ali said that the Southern Poverty Law Center is more interested in “profiting off the anxieties and white guilt of Northern liberals” than they are in actually protecting minorities from human rights violations or hateful conduct. Ali would know; she has been repeatedly smeared by the so-called watchdog group as an “anti-Muslim extremist” despite the fact that she knows more about the ins and outs of Islamism than anyone who has ever worked for the SPLC.

The same can be said of Maajid Nawaz, who recently won a $3.375 million settlement from the SPLC after suing the leftist organization for defamation. Not only did the SPLC have to cough up the dough, they had to publicly apologize to Nawaz for mischaracterizing his attempts to rid Islam of terrorism as a hate campaign. Observers saw the Nawaz lawsuit as a potential watershed moment – conservatives have known the truth about the SPLC for a very long time; the settlement could mean that the rest of the world was finally catching on.


  1. Hopefully, this satanic driven, pedophile group, will be sued out of business.