Wednesday, September 19, 2018

North Carolina Boy Asks Donald Trump for a Hug After Hurricane Florence

 Image result for North Carolina Boy Asks Donald Trump for a Hug After Hurricane Florence

President Donald Trump toured New Bern, North Carolina, on Wednesday, viewing the damage caused by Hurricane Florence.

Trump also visited Temple Baptist Church and joined volunteers handing out pre-packaged meals to storm victims.

As he passed out supplies, one boy wearing a hat approached the president.

“Can I have a hug?” he asked.

“Yes!” Trump said enthusiastically, embracing the boy to the delight of the crowd.

“You did a good job,” Trump said, referring to the boy’s mother before taking a picture with the boy.

“Now you made me cry!” noted one of the woman volunteers.


  1. I do hope this picture of our president and child hits mainstream. It should! This made my heart soar. My President.

  2. This is what really goats the left. President Trump is not an elitist snob and actually cares for the real people. It drives them into blinding rage that he is concerned for the average working man. How can he not know they are just despicable savages. No one needs care about them. Only the intellectual elite matter.


    1. You can bet the commies are already stating that this was set up.

  3. Even brought some tears to my cynical eyes... That is why President Trump will be reelected. Could you fathom the mulatto obamo doing that? Now, he certainly wasn't my president...

  4. I've was trying to picture Obama in the place of president Trump when he was in North Carolina recently displaying the genuine compassion president Trump did. But all I saw in my mind's eye was an empty suit and a teleprompter.