Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The West’s Head-in-the-Sand Policy

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The West’s Head-in-the-Sand Policy
A new, huge wave of refugees from Africa and the Middle East is rolling in. It is high time to face the uncomfortable truths.

In Africa there are 7 million more people every 100 days. If we took in one million Africans, it would make up for the population deficit in 14 days! In Nigeria alone, more children are born every year than in the whole of Europe.

In 1960 Africa had 280 million inhabitants—today it is already 1.2 billion, and by 2050 it will be 2.5 billion. Up to 66% of Africans (i.e., 790 million) want to go to Europe or the USA—a large proportion of them within the next five years.

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  1. The same people who told us about "Peak Oil", "Global deforestation", "Global Warming" and "Global soil erosion" are the same people who claim that there are 1.2 billion people in Africa and 7 billion people on earth, and for the same reasons. The UN global population numbers are made up. NO ONE has ever done a census in Africa or most of Asia. The very places the UN claims that the bulk of the humans live. A little fact to think about. The total population of north and south America COMBINED is less than 1 billion. Europe again ALL OF IT is less than 1 billion. China MIGHT have a billion humans but even that has been cast into question. Here's My question. Since the UN and all the worlds governments lie about everything else. Why on earth should we believe that they are telling the truth about this?---Ray

  2. 1. Missile the boats.
    2. Strafe the survivors.
    3. Nothing some airborne Ebola over population centers in Africa wouldn't cure.

  3. Cut the food aid. It should have been done many years ago. There's no animal on earth, including humans, that will continue to reproduce without food. Most reproductive systems are disrupted in times of starvation.

    1. Most reproductive systems are disrupted in times of starvation.

      I imagine