Saturday, November 24, 2018

Comment on NEVER FORGET: Speaker Paul Ryan Promised to Fund Trump Border Wall – But Knew He Was Lying


“In January 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to pass funding of $12-15 billion to build the Trump border wall.
But it was all a lie.”

And now you know why the bloodbath at the elections this year. Washington elite don’t get it. Democrats don’t get it. Republicans don’t get it. The Media really don’t get it.

(Rasmussen: 51% today)

And these voters come from all parties and demographics. But they, like myself are done with politicians. I voted for NO ONE that did not stand for what I believe. And sadly I did not vote for many people. But the ones I did vote for won. The others, I don’t care if you had an “R” behind your name. You did not get my vote. I am done voting for evil, even if it is the lesser evil. It is still evil.

In the end it probably doesn’t matter. The left is pushing harder every day to start a war. A war they honestly believe they will win. In their hearts they believe that 100-million gun owners will just turn over their guns, because they say so. And the ones that don’t, police will break down their door and take them. Oh sure, a few dozen might resist and have to be killed. But such is the cost of security.

WOW, talk about deluded.

I see it going a different way. I believe once it starts it will not stop, until the purge, makes the bloody French Revolution, look like a Sunday picnic. And don’t think, they have not thought about this. When Eric Swalwell, California Democrat, warned gun owners that any fight over firearms would be "a short one," because the federal government has an extensive cache of nuclear weapons. That was NOT an off hand remark. They are planning this.

Like the first Civil War, the troops will be split. And also will the police. This is a real wildcard. The upper ranks of the police and military are politicians. But those on the ground and in the streets are real people. There will be a percentage that refuse orders. There will be a percentage that leave and defect to the other side. And there will be a percentage that sabotages from the inside. What are those percentages, that is just a guess. If the number is three to five percent, then the police and military will continue as instructed. As those numbers climb the police and military become neutered.

The final outcome. Everyone loses. Because I am not sure America will survive an all out Civil War. In fact, I am not sure the world will survive an all-out American Civil War.



  1. You can add Senator Tillis to that bunch. I'm turning in my voter registration card right after I vote for Trump in 2020. That'll be my one single vote on the ballot, by the way. Took me a long time to figure it out, but all politicians are self-serving liars.

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    1. Yup and the liberals belief was so strong that they didn't press their SC nominee which backfired.