Wednesday, January 30, 2019

For Democrats, failure is a resume-enhancer

Via Gleason Long

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Two bits of news came out yesterday that confirm what I suspected about the Democrat Party.

Failure is a resume-enhancer.

First up, losing Socialist Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Not only did Gillum lose to Ron DeSantis, he is also under an ethics investigation for accepting gifts while serving as Mayor of Tallahassee.

As CNN pointed out last Friday:


  1. During the GA gubernatorial election one of the local talk radio host has a segment that was a fact check on all statements that Abrams made. He got popular enough that he got syndicated throughout the state. It was quite comical.

    His last few shows were about how she hired family and close friends to research a recount and the high salaries and retainers were paid from her substantial leftover campaign fund.

  2. The dems are just showing how crazy that they actually are, and have been.