Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Woke Poet Triggered by ‘Blackface’ Photo of Dusty Coal Miners Drinking Beer

                                               Hi, I'm a blithering idiot.
However, very few people seemed to agree with Thomas’ self-regarding view of the greater good. His op-ed was almost universally mocked on Twitter, where conservative commentators called it “incredibly stupid,” “dumb,” and “insane.”
Some readers were offended on behalf of coal miners, while others wondered if the article was a parody.

A racially conscious young writer has spoken out against a photograph of soot-covered miners that he recently saw in an Arizona restaurant, saying it reminded him of blackface.

In an op-ed about the harrowing experience published in The Arizona Republic, Rashaad Thomas said the black-and-white photo ― apparently from World War I-era United Kingdom ― made him feel threatened as an African-American.

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  1. Come on now...Mr Thomas is an urban, black male...he doesn't know what working men look like. He thinks they're white guys trying to rappers.

  2. Hi Brock,
    To this "Woke' I say,"BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!"


  3. Hi Brock,
    I hope I have my "stuff" together.... reminds me of a very old (now) movie, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop... "Ocean's 11" The guys are in some big truck, Sammy is driving.. the "Action"is "Hot and Heavy"... Camera pans on the front seat .. Davis (driving) Sinatra, Martin.. and the clincher for the clip.... (If it has not been eraced from History by the "LEFT!!") was Sammy Laughing and saying (His compadres had their faces covered in "Black face" for camoflage in their night op) "I knew this color would come in handy!!!!!!!".......WHAT A MOVIE... From back when the only way to get your girl friend to "pitch some woo" was to take her to a "Chick Flick" the ultimate was Troy Donahew and Suzanne Plachette in "ROME ADVENTURE!!" with "Al Hurt" doing "Al di La" on Trumpet in that shady bar scene!! Those were the DAZE!!!!!!
    PS bangin' keys in a hurry.. blew a few names oh well you know the drill....

  4. Sadly fame, once obtained from actual accomplishments is now obtained by outlandish attacks on whitey.

  5. A sure sign of mental illness - the blacks see tar babies every-

  6. Hi, Brock. You know the 'RockStoneMountain' Facebook page is not
    available anymore. They are suppose to have a rally February 2
    to save the monuments the black cretins want to destroy.

    1. I found this but is dated.

    2. Hi, Brock. The pro Confederate event at Stone Mountain has been cancelled. I think they are afraid they are being
      setup like Charlottsville.

    3. Thanks and makes sense. Can't believe they are railroading the driver of the car. He should get off.

    4. I agree. My first thought was when he took off in a panic,
      he was trying to get out of town and unfamiliar with the
      area, took the wrong turn, right into the Bolsheviks.
      He was therefore, attacked. Since they make up the law as
      they go along, there is no real justice.

    5. He was therefore, attacked.

      Yes, they were banking his car before the incident. Manslaughter at the best.

    6. You know, Stone Mountain Park is closed down today.
      Probably d/t the Bolsheviks.

    7. Yes, I believe threats from the left.

    8. Yet, the Antifa Bolsheviks were there without a permit.
      Even the black Chief of Police offered the illegal protestors
      Your probably watching that game.

    9. Thanks.

  7. typical stupid lazy city people. can't even bend over to pick up the trash they dropped on the city streets and they feel they have a right to criticize working men...