Thursday, February 14, 2019

Parkland anniversary

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Today, we mark the anniversary of the slaughter of Parkland students. It was caused by many things. We all can admit the school district really failed. The sheriff failed even bigger. The cowardice shown by the resident security people...well, what can one say about cowards. Of course then there is the shooter.

The biggest failure must be laid upon the heads of voters and parents who consciously chose to not provide their children with security and also chose to not allow anyone to defend their children in their absence.

I realize I sound harsh in light of all those young dead children. It is why I AM harsh about it. They had all the right tools to use to help allow their young children to reach adulthood and they denied their use. They denied the school district the ability to defend their kids. They denied the sheriff's office the ability to defend their kids. They denied it all, and yet. they, the voters and parents deny any culpability in the deaths of their children. Where were each and every one of the parents and voters and what were they doing while their kids were being executed by a little shit who should have been in jail? Their own liberal attitudes towards the "basically good but misguided offender" contributed the most to their own children's deaths. But, oh no! Their hands are clean. It is all someone else's fault. Not theirs.

And yeah! Its all the gun's fault. Right. Guns are tools. More people are killed with hammers and knives,than guns. Go figure. Guns do not pull their own triggers.

I am sad for the dead kids, but I am really angry with the parents and voters in Florida. Defend your children. so that they may grow up. and defend their children.

End of rant. If I offend anyone out there, tough shit.

--capt fast


  1. Don't forget, the shooter's mom committed a Federal felony by buying the guns for a person who would fail a NICS check.

    So all the protections that could have been in place and used were circumvented by his mother.

    Who has yet to be charged.