Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I was a kid in the '40's.......

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.....I still have a LOT of memories of those days. A lot.  I remember the service flags in the window of my Grandpa's house. I remember the Troop Trains, I remember the ration cards and gas stamps.  I remember uniforms everywhere, literally.  Grandpa was an Air Raid Warden.  We still had his old steel helmet and whistle from those days for the longest time.  I remember the Victory Garden and Scrap Drives. I remember bringing pennies to school so we could buy War Bonds.

I remember that I walked to St Joseph's School, about 16 blocks, I think. Along the way, I passed a few storefront businesses - a photographer's shop; a Tailor shop and a drug store.  The Tailor was a little Jewish guy from Poland. They lived in the back of the shop with a blanket separating 'home' and business.  He was not a dry cleaner or anything but an honest to God tailor.  He could make you a suit from scratch.  Back then, men and boys went to the Tailor, women and girls to the Seamstress.  Often it was the same shop.  Most usually, he turned your uncles' clothes into your clothes, while his wife did the same for your aunts.  We had six men and four women and stuff got passed down until it became a vest or a tie.  I know he made blouses for my aunts from my uncles shirts, and so on.

Now we can begin to see the point of this reminiscence . . . Mr - - - - - - Sky was an immigrant.  He brought his trade with him, as did his wife.  They taught their kids their trades.  There was no welfare, no 'gimmedats'.  I have no idea how they made it to the States, but I know that established Jews funded a lot of small businesses to give their fellows a start in this new country.  Italians operated in a similar vein.  NOBODY got a free ride.  Everybody paid his dues.  If you didn't have a trade, they apprenticed you to somebody to learn one.  And no, you didn't get much choice.

How the Hell does this country survive, taking in  M I L L I O N S  of freeloaders, with no intention of learning a trade or working at anything, but their grift and hustle.  How in the Hell does 40% support 60% for life, without help?  We don't. Period.  And, amigo, our 40% is fading fast.  We're importing 80 IQ people in a 120 IQ economy . . . untrainable morons fit only to be thugs and thieves.  You cannot take a mutt with no aptitude to learn and'teach' him doodley.  He's gonna stay a turnip, no matter how much you spend, or whose heart it breaks.  And, buttercup, He don't give a shit!



  1. Hi Brock,
    A kid of the 40's eh? Late 40's for me... (Born 03JUNE1945) My earliest recollections were America recovering from the WAR... the 40's rolled into the 50's and I was full fledged kid of the era!!..
    'Sitting in "Louis' Barber Shop" in the mid 50's I'd pick up a copy of "Field and Stream" while waiting to,"Get my ears lowered!!"... 'thumbing thru, I'd run across this side bar column,"Tales of the Old Man and the Boy" by Robert Ruark....."I was mesmerized!!!!" "Huntin', Fishin' and learning life from Grandpa!!" 'Talk about a kid of the 40's, drop back 10 and Punt!! My Maternal Grandpa is another story but my Paternal Grandpa... Pal, .. He had "POWER!!" ... died in 1939 and his spirit "CONTROLLED" the family till the late 50's!! NO SH#T!! It was then that my Grandmother handed over my Grandfather's Parker Brother's 12 ga. DOUBLE BARRELED SHOT GUN to me so I could go "Hunting" with my 13 year older Brother... (He had his .410 single shot.. from before I was born!!)... But i digress... Some years later... I was in the middle of the "VIETNAM WAR" on the USS PRINCETON LPH-5 ('NAM '68) and in the Chapel the Chaplain had a table laid out with paper back books for "US!!" I found Rob Ruark's Book and the excerpts from those old haircut daze took on full force!!
    40's eh?? "GET THE BOOK and READ IT" ... 'if you haven't already??" and the sequel!!!
    Being a Louisiana Man (growing up) I also in later life (1996-2012) was a resident of, and became a full fledged "Tar Heel!!!" Remember Rob's Book??!! I often thought that it should be a "REQUIRED READING" by at the latest the kids in Middle School!!!!!
    Being a "Louisiana Man" I have to say that those "Readings" by that NC author back when...... "REALLY INFLUENCED MY EARLY LIFE ONWARD TILL NOW!!!"
    Those 40's.. 'Late 40's for me.. I recall on the east side of town there was the WWII Training Air Base that the ARMY turned over to the Parish ,Lock stock and Barrel!!....except for the "US GOVT PROPERTY!!" signs...every night the "Rotating Beacon" would flash across the town sky and we could see it from our house!!
    The 40's.....
    'Ya torque'd my brain.... a little whiskey helped....

    1. Thanks for the memories and the barber shop in Tarboro is much the same as before & you get an excellent haircut! Got the worst one in my life in Fallbrook, CA. Go figure.