Tuesday, April 16, 2019

NOTRE DAME: Some thoughts

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The timing – Holy Week – is just “too pat” for this to be accidental (let alone early reports there were two ignition sites, still uncorroborated as far as I know).

What a loss.  Even though I’m not a Christian, Notre Dame stands as - literally - a towering testament to the creativity, hard work, and inspiration of Western Civilization and European peoples.  Meanwhile, churches across France are being vandalized and the authorities whistle past the open grave of their nation, culture, and ethnic people.

I keep asking this over and over: what, WHAT, WHAT could have such a hold over so many that nobody in power stands up?  It can’t be money; at some point someone in France, in Germany, in the UK, in Sweden would stand up to say “I cannot remain silent” and spill the beans out of love of country.  Is it death threats?  Aliens?  What-what-what is my cry from my heart!  Western Civilization is the greatest civilization to have ever existed on the planet, and it is under siege from both without and within.

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  1. He asks "what has a hold over those folks ?"
    It's obvious friends, It's called satan and his

  2. Just as 9/11 was not the first attack on the Twin Towers, this was not the first attempted to destroy Europe's most magnificent cathedral. The Muslims have been attacking and desecrating churches and Christian shrines for years and in the past two years it has only accelerated. Anyone who thinks Western Europe can survive this assault as a secular "tolerant" society is an ignorant fool.

    Islam has no interest whatsoever in tolerance or secularism only conquest, destruction and subjugation. Its presence and purpose in Europe is no different now than it was in the 700s at the Battle of Tours or the 1600s at The Gates of Vienna.

    Islam is not just a foreign incompatible ideology. It is an infectious disease, a malignancy that will have to be excised by force, political correctness and tolerance be damned.

    Just as when American settlers moved west there was no peace until they brought the vermin under control, both the four legged and two legged kind. There will be no peace in Europe until the Europeans first realize that they are facing a war of extinction and then undertake the measures necessary to remove the vermin.

    Sadly at this point the French appear to have lost all the courage of Charles Martel. Only the central Europeans are showing the courage to reject the invaders. Perhaps the spirit of Jan III Sobieski still lives and it's going to take the Polish cavalry to save Europe from its own folly once again.

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