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Attacks on Nui Ba Den or The Nui Ba Den Massacres

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This is an account of the attack by the North Vietnamese Army on the United States Army Radio Relay Unit stationed atop Nui Ba Den on Monday, May 13, 1968. During the attack 24 Americans were killed and 2 were taken prisoner.

All of the material presented has been taken from After Action Reports from both 125th Signal Battalion and Special Forces A-324, Daily Logs, Lessons Learned reports, articles found on the internet and personnel reports from soldiers who were stationed at Nui Ba Den, either before or during the attack.

I will apologize now for all the reports I have paraphrased.

I dedicate this account to my cousin, John Austin Anderson who died in the attack. John was a Tactical Wire Operations Specialist, (MOS...36K20). John was a Specialist Fourth Class with Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment (Manchus), 25th Infantry Division, United States Army. Two other Manchu soldiers also died in this attack. They were SP4 Moses James Cousin, B Company, 4/9 Infantry and SP4 Gary Joseph Gilin, A Company, 4/9 Infantry.

If anyone who knew John could please get in touch with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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The following (Detailed) narrative is written by Ed Tatarnic, John A. Anderson’s cousin,  one of the soldiers killed in the battle on Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain in Vietnam) 13 May 1968.

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  1. indyjonesouthereMay 31, 2019 at 12:03 PM

    My first MOS was 36k2p as well and later 30k4p but cross trained to radioman as the airborne doesn't need many wireman. Traveled from Phan Rang and Phan Thiet up to Phu Bai area. Not a fun job but somebody had to do it.

    1. Get out your pen and write away!:) I'll be happy to post. Thanks.