Thursday, May 30, 2019


Via Thang Bui

 Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, beard, text that says 'TRUMP IS AGAINST EVERYTHING WE MUSLIMS STAND FOR. YUP'

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  1. Many Americans are against what the ideology stands for, and I am one of them.

    They must NOT get a full grip on this nation as that is the ideology's MAIN goal, and they use hijra or "civilization jihad" to accomplish it.

    The adherents of the ideology do not assimilate, but instead have every intention to 'dominate' -- just as they are required to in accordance to their book -- the quran.

    These ideologists have absolutely no sincere desire to become part of Western/American culture. They've proven this by all that they've done in the U.K., and they're in the progress of HIJRA throughout Europe.

    It MUST be stopped at every turn - do NOT elect them into political office as that is what Sadiq Khan did in the U.K.

    Below, a list of ideologists who have and are running for political office in the United States in 2019/2020: