Thursday, May 30, 2019

Gingrich On Mueller Report: Claims That Trump Had 'Malicious' Intent An 'Absurdity'

Via Billy

.....I have a larger historic view of the Mueller report. I believe that there was a serious effort at a coup d'etat by the deep state that included certainly the Attorney General, the head of the FBI, a series of lies told to federal judges, an extraordinary effort to cripple or destroy the nominee of a major party and at the same time a remarkable effort which, people still haven't dug into, to protect the Democratic nominee. People want to talk about obstruction of justice, and I say to them "great." Let's talk about 33,000 emails that are deleted, let's talk about cell phones that are beaten up with a hammer, let's talk about bleach bit for your computer hardware. If Trump had done that, would you think that was obstruction?

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