Friday, May 24, 2019

The Truth No Longer Matters: NAILED

“All we need to do is to tell the truth about the War.” I became actively involved in the “Southern” movement in the early 1960s. From that time up to the present I have often heard my fellow Southerners declare of our enemies, “They (our enemies) just do not understand the truth about the War. All we need to do is tell the truth.” This simple, assumed, truism has been repeated for over a half century. Not only repeated but it has been the guiding principle for those few organizations and individuals who are attempting to defend our Southern heritage. Unfortunately, this simple truism is based upon a false premise so elusive and shocking that most conservative Southerners find it almost impossible to comprehend. Southern conservatives have been operating on the premise that our opponents share our values regarding truth. Our enemies have rejected our traditional standard of truth. Our enemies considered truth to be anything that advances their neo-Marxist agenda and they consider falsehood to be anything that supports traditional American and especially Southern values. The vast majority of Southern conservatives have yet to comprehend the fact that in the current politically correct U.S.A. it is impossible to have a civil discussion with our opponents. Most Southern “conservatives” do not realize who our opponents are nor do they realize the pernicious nature of our opponents’ underlying philosophy.


  1. Hi Brock......,
    Man, this is "IT!!" What you just printed ..reminds me .. of some sayin's by an old, late, "Souther'en!!!!" Stand-up Comedian.. Dave Gardner!! As Dave said in his story of Lil' David and "The Giant"... The Giant said,"Boy, I'm gonna' hit you on yo' head with this here club so hard that yo' gonna' hum like a ten penny finishin' nail hit with a greasy Ball Peen Hammer!!!" This Piece... just like the Giant's club, "Hit the Nail on the Head!!"

    PS... I still have the vinal albums, "Rejoice Dear Hearts!!" and "Did You Ever!!!"

    Dave died many years ago.. but his Spirit Lives!!!!!

    Brock..... We know "Truth!!" and as you say.. Our Enemies have "No Clue" They are so caught up in their own deceit and lies that they cant't see it if it hit them on the head!! (ala the story!!)We have to know this!! Dealing with "the Left, Yankees, The Northern Agressor's is like dealing with a rabid animal.... we have compassion for his disease but we realize that if he gets close enough, he can kill us!!! I'm not interested in going to the great by an' by anytime soon!! So, it is time... Buddy!!!.

    Capt. Parker has Spoken!!!,
    aka "straight shooter"
    "South River Defense Force"

    1. Dave died many years ago.. but his Spirit Lives!

      Hilarious, he was. :)

  2. It is not just the enemies of southern heritage, it is a cancer that is spread throughout the mentally ill, libtard, communist snowflakes. I blame it on the public indoctrination system. As Pogo succinctly stated: "We have seen the enemy, and it is us."

  3. indyjonesouthereMay 25, 2019 at 9:29 PM

    Traditional standard of truth is our Christian doctrine but that doctrine is being sluffed off by far too many people in this country.