Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Land of Lincoln Bans Confederate Railroad


Illinois’ Governor J.B. Pritzer has banned the Southern rock band Confederate Railroad from the Illinois State Fair because of the band’s name and Confederate flag on their logo. He said that the administration bars using resources to promote symbols of racism. Well, kiss my grits. Let’s look at the state fair’s “Land of Lincoln.”

“The land of Lincoln” is the motto of Illinois. It is on numerous billboards across the state not to mention on all state license plates. Of course, this in reference to the 16th president who is claimed by Illinois as its son, though Lincoln was born in Kentucky not far from Jefferson Davis.


  1. With my Tennessee CCW, I can travel into most States exercising my Constitutional right of armed self defense. But not in the "Land of Lincoln" which means it's a slave State. Just as the 1857 SCOTUS Dred Scott decision kept black people as non-persin slaves lest "they be able to armed everywhere they went" according to the 2nd Amendment right of the People.
    --Ron W

  2. I'll bet Hiz Honor didn't ban any rappers, even those who perform such classics as "F*** the cops"