Monday, July 8, 2019

Trump Didn’t Make the Left Crazy, Just Tempted Them into Exposing Themselves

 It’s quite a piquant irony that, of all people in America, this task fell to … Donald Trump. It was one thing when Patrick J. Buchanan delivered one of the great speeches in American political history. At the 1992 GOP Convention, he gave establishment GOP types heart failure. He announced what we can clearly see now in retrospect was true in every detail. That the U.S. was entering into a “religious war.” That the left wanted to obliterate orthodox Christianity and American traditions, along with economic freedom and private property. Tame “conservatives” like William Bennett duly denounced Buchanan for being “divisive.”

There’s an old, old saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” It goes back many centuries. That’s because it touches something deep in human psychology — our visceral temptation to lash out. To react with instant terror, then violence, to bearers of bad news:
  • Doctors who tell us we need to quit smoking or drinking
  • Vets who inform us a beloved pet is dying
  • Mirrors that reveal how fat we actually are
  • Clergy or fellow Christians who admonish us for sin
Let me add a new constituent to this list: Politicians who inadvertently expose how insane and dangerous our politics have become. Such as our president.

Trump: The Unlikely Messenger

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